How to enter


Given the real possibility that government guidelines will not allow public performances in November, the committee has very reluctantly decided not to hold a “live” festival this year. Instead, entrants will make recordings of their performances, upload them to cloud storage, share them and send us links which will be forwarded to the adjudicators so that they can comment on and grade the performances.

We regret that this means that the performances will not be publicly available.

To enter the festival go to the relevant section in the syllabus to find suitable classes. Fill in the online entry form or paper version with your contact details, the classes(es) you want to enter and what you are planning to perform, and submit it by 4th October. You’ll receive an e-mail confirming your entry.

You’ll receive a second e-mail a day or two after the closing date with information about your entry that you can use to complete the video submission form. This form must be completed by 7th November.

You should make a video recording of your performance for each class that you have entered. Upload it to a suitable platform, making appropriate privacy settings, and send us the link. Please do not send us the recording itself. Advice on making and submitting recordings is available elsewhere on this site.

These links will be forwarded to the adjudicators who will grade and comment on the performances.

When we receive the mark sheets back, we will send them on to you.

If you have any queries about this process, please get in contact with the appropriate section secretary.