General guidance and regulations

1 Performers

The Festival is open in general to amateurs, but professionals (teachers or performers) may take part in ‘open’ classes, as conductors or accompanists and in classes B33, C47 and D56. ‘Open’ classes are for any performer, amateur or professional, with no age or status restrictions. However, the committee reserves the right to refuse entry to an ‘open class’ where the performer’s experience may be insufficient. Professionals may also sing as individual members of a choir or play in an ensemble so long as no fee is received for so doing. An amateur is someone who does not derive his/her livelihood from the branch of performance defined by the class title, in which he/she seeks to enter the Festival. In any ensemble all members must adhere to this principle. Other than as conductor or accompanist, holders of recognised music diplomas and degrees may only compete in open classes, B33, C47 and D56. If in doubt, please consult the section secretary.

2 Age

The age of all performers is reckoned as on 1st September of the year of the festival. Infringement of this regulation will result in disqualification.

3 Entries

On-line entries

The on-line entry form should be completed in full. The committee reserves the right not to accept entries which are incomplete without refund. On-line entrants will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of their entry shortly after submitting it.

Entries on paper

The official entry form must be used. Entry forms should be completed in block capitals. Title and timing of ‘own choice’ items must be shown. Where there is choice of items in set piece classes, please state your choice on the entry form. Entries without this information, particularly a valid e-mail address, may be rejected and no late entries will be accepted under any circumstances. Completed entry forms, together with a cheque, made payable to Woking Music Festival, should be sent to the appropriate section secretary. No receipt will be issued and no entry fees will be refunded. Please feel free to photocopy entry forms if you wish.
Further forms are obtainable from: Mrs Del Smith, email:
tel: 01483 511112 or downloaded from the festival web-site.

4 Notice

The information needed to complete the on-line form with details of the links to recordings will be sent as soon as it is available in an e-mail to the address given on the original entry. This will be within a few days of the closing date.

5 Awards

Performances will be awarded grades as recommended by the British & International Federation of Festivals. Mark sheets with the adjudicators’ comments will be forwarded to the contact person for each entry towards the end of the Festival period. Cups and trophies normally presented during the Festival sessions will not be awarded this year.

6 Performance items

Items chosen for ‘own choice’ classes are subject to the approval of the committee and suitability will be taken into account by the adjudicator in awarding grades. No piece from a set piece class may be performed in an ‘own choice’ class. No ‘own choice’ piece may be performed in more than one class.

7 Changes

Any change to ‘own choice’ music, poetry and prose must be notified to the section secretary at least one week before submitting the links to the recordings.

8 Time limits

These are shown beside each class. Please check the timing of your performance very carefully. Performers exceeding their allotted time may be stopped. Please note that this rule will be enforced in fairness to all performers and to allow time for good adjudication.

9 Data/child protection policies

The Woking Music Festival holds data solely for the purpose of running the Festival. Its Child Protection Policy is available upon request and from the Festival website.

10 Safety

It is necessary for teachers and parents to be aware of their responsibilities in entering any performer with limited physical capabilities or special needs, bearing in mind the limitations imposed by stage and surrounding environment. It is also necessary for the teacher or parent to pass on to the adjudicator, via the organiser, any such information that would affect the adjudicator’s work.

11 Complaints

Anyone wishing to lodge a complaint can do so by phoning any committee member whose number is in the programme or syllabus or by e-mailing the chairman at or by talking to any committee member or volunteer steward at any of our events or activities.

12 Other

The Festival committee reserves the right to:

a) move any entry to a more suitable class if considered necessary

b) cancel any class for appropriate reasons

c) sub-divide any class if considered necessary

d) disqualify or take other appropriate action if any regulation is contravened

e) refuse entry to the Festival if it so decides

f) change from a physical festival to a virtual festival if required by current guidelines.