2021 Festival Class Winners

Congratulations to the the following who won their classes in this years Woking Music Festival

Vocal (5th November)
Pop/Jazz – under 13yrs (B34a): Joe Wood
Pop/Jazz – under 19yrs (B34b): Emily Hallett and Chloe Ayres
Folk Song – under 19yrs (B19): Liberty King (The Newman Cup)
Junior English Art Song and Speech – under 19yrs (B10): Sophie McNamara
English Art Song – 19yrs and over (B18): Sasha King (The Borrell Cup)
Lied (B12): Chris Munroe (The Gordon Maxwell Cup)
Oratorio – 19yrs and over (B22): Charlotte Nicholas (The Timbury Cup)
Light Opera – any age (B29): Charlotte Nicholas
Vocal Ensemble – any age (B31): Lantern Voices (The Beecham Cup)*

Piano (6th November)
Jazz/Pop – junior (C43a): Isaac Walker
Jazz/Pop – intermediate (C43b): Emmanuela Ulmane
Jazz/Pop – advanced (C43c): Yash Saran and Daniel Nowrouzi
Piano – primary (C13): Alvin Crova (The Kathleen Grainger Cup)
Piano – junior (C14): Robert Mainwood (The Meredith Cup)
Piano – Grade 2 (C3): Leo Price
Piano – beginners – under 16yrs (C11a): Isabel Adams
Piano – Challenge – under 11yrs (C25): Arthur Ying (The Lomax Cup)
Piano – Grade 3 (C4): Cooper Xu
Piano – Grade 4 (C5): Joseph Alderson
Piano Recital – under 18yrs (C30b): Stefanija Nikolich (The Penny Bazire Memorial Cup)*
Piano – beginners – under 8yrs (C10a): Teo Palladino
Piano – preliminary (C12): Amy Kullaj
Piano – Grade 1 (C2): Ekaksh Negi

Vocal (10th November)
Musical (after 1970) – under 10yrs (B7a): Esmé Offer
Musical (after 1970) – under 13yrs (B7b): Katya Berdnikov
Musical (after 1970) – under 16yrs (B7c): Hannah Osmali (The Nancy Leigh Cup)
Musical (after 1970) – under 19yrs (B27): Molly Campbell
Musical (after 1970) – 19yrs and over (B28): Sasha King (The Ryde Cup)

Instrumental (11th November)
Wind/Brass Recital – under 18yrs (D27b): Isabella Aurelia Mackie* and Sophie Schofield*
Sonata for brass/wind instrument and piano – open (D26): Isabella Aurelia Mackie*
Sonata for stringed instrument and piano – open (D9): Francesca Pickering (The Karin Polak Cup)*
Composition – any age (D57): Chris Munroe
Concerto – open (D53): Sophie Schofield (The Ackroyd Cup)

Vocal (12th November)
Boys and Girls – under 10yrs (B2): Ella Gray (The Rush Cup)
Boys and Girls – under 16yrs (B4): Janane Prakash (The Mansfield Cup)
Musical (before 1970) – under 10yrs (B6a): Hannah Robinson
Musical (before 1970) – under 13yrs (B6b): Annalie Morrow
Musical (before 1970) – under 16yrs (B6c): Robyn Mirmak
Christmas Song or Carol – under 10yrs (B9a): Ella Gray
Christmas Song or Carol – under 13yrs (B9b): Kate Brazendale
Christmas Song or Carol – under 16yrs (B9c): Chloe Ayres
Musical (before 1970) – 19yrs and over (B26): Chris Munroe

Speech and Drama (13th November)
Verse Speaking – 7yrs (S2): Aletheia Harding
Verse Speaking – 8yrs (S3): Esmé Offer
Verse Speaking – 10-11yrs (S5): Alexia Mattina
Humorous Verse Speaking – 8-9yrs (S11a): Norah Herbert
Solo Acting – 7-9yrs (S17a): Daisy Stoner
Group Drama – 6-9yrs (S30a): St Andrew’s – Group Sleeping Rose
Group Drama – 9-14yrs (S30b): St Andrew’s – Group Wolf (The Mansfield Speech and Drama Cup)
Solo Acting – 10-11yrs (S17b): Annapurna Wright and Eleanor Kitchin

Piano (15th November)
Piano – Grade 5 (C6): Arthur Ying
Piano – intermediate (C15): Alma-Constance Denis-Smith (The Cheung Cup)
Sonatina – under 14yrs (C18): Ciaran Mackay (The Peter Newman Cup)
Bach – under 13yrs (C21a): Rundong Liu (The Oliver Atkins Cup)
Bach – under 17yrs (C21b): Wei-Yee Zhou (The Ena Margaret Churchill Cup)
Bach – open (C21c): Daniel Nowrouzi (The Surrey Music Store Trophy)*
Christmas Class – any age (C41): Michael Greenaway
Chopin – open (C22): Jeanne Kalorkoti (The Laredo Trophy)

Piano (17th November)
Chopin – open (C22): Jeanne Kalorkoti (The Laredo Trophy)
Sonata – under 19yrs (C31): Zerui Liu (The Hilda Spencer Cup)
Piano Recital – under 14yrs (C30a): Zerui Liu (The Buzzard Cup)
Sonata – open (C32): Yash Saran (The Mongor Cup)
Piano Duet – open (C37): Simon Phillips and Stephen Ridge (The Primo Secondo Award)*
French Class – advanced (C45b): Enning Zhu
French Class – open (C45c): Stefanija Nikolich* and Yash Saran*
Piano Recital – open (C30d): Diana Smith Billard (The Cavenham Cup)

Instrumental (19th November)
Strings – beginners – under 10yrs (D2a): Harry Kempe
Strings – primary (D4): David Dor
Strings – intermediate (D6): Rachel Hill (The Acklima Cup)
Strings – advanced (D7): Kaitlin Hill (The Mora Ker Quaich)
Brass – junior (D22): Ellie Borisova
Brass – senior (D25): Sophie Schofield (The Crane Cup)
Family Group Music Making (E5): Theo and Jeanne Kalorkoti (The Burch Cup)
Instrumental Duo – under 13yrs (E6a): Kaitlin Hill
Guitar – primary (D35): Edward Tinsley
Guitar – junior (D36): Maxim Lis
Guitar – advanced (D38): Joshua Collings
Recorder – under 17yrs (D29): Isabella Mackie
Woodwind – primary (D15): Mattieu Dupré
Woodwind – advanced (D18): Christan Lis
Woodwind – senior (D19): Isabella Aurelia Mackie
Strings – senior (D8): Rhia Thomas (The Readings Cup)*

Speech and Drama (20th November)
Humorous Verse Speaking – 10-11yrs (S11b): Delphie Mackenzie
Solo Acting – 12-14yrs (S18a): Zahara Burfield
Solo Acting – 17-18yrs (S18c): Isobel Cox
Solo Acting – Shakespeare – under 18yrs (S20a): Isobel Cox
Group or Choral Speaking – 6-9yrs (S28a): Inner Ambition Junior Performers
Group or Choral Speaking – 9-14yrs (S28b): Inner Ambition Inters (The St Teresa Cup)
Musical Theatre Solo (before 1970) – 12-17yrs (S36c): Isobel Cox
Musical Theatre Solo (after 1970) – 12-17yrs (S37c): Isobel Cox
Musical Theatre Group – 8-11yrs (S40b): SELECT Performing Arts – Juniors
Musical Theatre Group – 12-17yrs (S40c): SELECT Performing Arts – Seniors

Piano (21st November)
Piano – Challenge – under 17yrs (C27): Hannah Lidbury (The Woking Opinion Cup)
Modern – under 17yrs (C23a): Chung Sze Kwok*
Piano – Challenge – under 20yrs (C28): Nadzhie Katanani (The Fedder Cup)
Piano – senior (C17): Freya Clift (The Olive Croft Memorial Trophy)

Piano (22nd November)
Piano – Challenge – under 14yrs (C26): Ralph Moggs (The Barber Cup)
Piano – Grade 6 (C7): Ciaran Mackay
Piano – Grade 7 (C8): Angus Scott
Piano – Grade 8 (C9): Yash Saran
Piano – advanced (C16): Aidan Leslie and Enning Zhu (The Croft Shield)
Piano – Challenge – open (C29): Jeanne Kalorkoti (The Askew Bowl)
50yrs and over – open (C24): Jeanne Kalorkoti (The Delta Cup)

* Outstanding grade awarded

Outstanding grades were also awarded in their classes to Ruvin Meda and Emily Hallett.