2020 Festival Class Winners

Thank you to all those who entered the Woking Music Festival at this difficult time. For many, making and uploading videos was a challenge, but it was worth the effort. The adjudicators commented on the high quality of many of the recordings … as well, of course, as on the quality of the performances. We all hope that we’ll be back to a live festival in 2021.

Our congratulations to those listed below who won their respective classes.

Barbershop Choirs (A17): Coastline Harmony
Barbershop Quartet (A18): Brian Walter, Trevor Pollitt, Peter Heath and Matt Furniss

Boys and Girls – under 10yrs (B2): Ella Gray
Boys and Girls – under 13yrs (B3): Katherine Wilson *
Junior Folk Song – under 13yrs (B5b): Katherine Wilson
Musical – under 10yrs (B6a): Otto Wisbey *
Musical – under 13yrs (B6b): Olivia Logeswaran
Musical – under 16yrs (B6c): Robyn Mirmak *
Christmas Song or Carol – under 13yrs (B8b): Joe Wood *
Christmas Song or Carol – under 16yrs (B8c): Chloe Ayres
Lied (B11): Chris Munroe
Folk Song – 19yrs and over (B19): Charlotte Nicholas
Oratorio – 19yrs and over (B21): Charlotte Nicholas
Opera – 19yrs and over (B23): Charlotte Nicholas
Musical – under 19yrs (B24): Ellie Humberstone *
Musical – 19yrs and over (B25): Charlotte Nicholas
Pop/Jazz – under 13yrs (B32a): Olivia Logeswaran *
Pop/Jazz – under 19yrs (B32b): Savannah Pages
Pop/Jazz – 19yrs and over (B32c): Becky Taylor

* = Outstanding grade awarded

Outstanding grades were also awarded to:
Musical – under 10yrs (B6a): Marnie Clowes
Musical – under 13yrs (B6b): Hattie Wisbey
Musical – under 16yrs (B6c): Chloe Ayres
Musical – under 16yrs (B6c): Zahara Burfield
Musical – under 16yrs (B6c): Jack Dwyer

Piano – Grade 1 (C2): Alice Hornzee
Piano – Grade 2 (C3): Millie Hart-Johnson
Piano – Grade 3 (C4): Rachel Hill *
Piano – Grade 4 (C5): Laura Kesiak *
Piano – Grade 5 (C6): Freddie Bray
Piano – Grade 6 (C7): Oluwatobi Adepoju
Piano – Grade 7 (C8): Nicoletta Burchill
Piano – Grade 8 (C9): Isabella Song
Piano – beginners – under 8yrs (C10a): Miranda Bhandari
Piano – beginners – under 10yrs (C10b): Reyansh Jaiswal
Piano – beginners – under 16yrs (C11a): Lucy Blanchard
Piano – preliminary (C12): Michael Grace
Piano – primary (C13): Arthur Ying
Piano – junior (C14): Rachel Hill
Piano – intermediate (C15): Jurand Dlugolecki *
Piano – advanced (C16): Oluwatobio Adepoju *
Piano – senior (C17): Ian Roy*
Sonatina – under 14yrs (C18): Jerry Fang
Sonatina – 17yrs and over (C20): Ian Roy
Bach – under 13yrs (C21a): Sanjana Satish
Bach – under 17yrs (C21b): Adrian Eggleston
Bach – open (C21c): Jeanne Kalorkoti
Chopin – open (C22): Christina Huang
Modern – under 17yrs (C23a): Isobel Wright
Modern – open (C23b): Ian Roy
Piano – Challenge – under 11yrs (C25): Laura Kesiak
Piano – Challenge – under 14yrs (C26): Peter Wang
Piano – Challenge – under 17yrs (C27): Tamara Redmond *
Piano – Challenge – under 20yrs (C28): Qianqian Xu
Piano – Challenge – open (C29): Ian Roy
Piano Recital – under 14yrs (C30a): Peter Wang
Piano Recital – open (C30d): Ian Roy
Sonata – under 19yrs (C31): Adrian Eggleston
Sonata – open (C32): Ian Roy
Piano Duet – under 12yrs (C33): Freddie Bray
Piano Duet – family, adult and child under 16yrs (C38a): Sofia Kelly
Piano Duet – family, any age (C38c): Nicoletta Burchill
Christmas Class – any age (C41): Ian Roy
Humour Class – any age (C42): Ian Roy
Jazz/Pop – intermediate (C43b): Amelia Dinsdale
French Class – advanced (C45b): Anabelle Redmond
French Class – open (C45c): Isabella Song
English Class – open (C46c): Ian Roy *

* = Outstanding grade awarded

Strings – preliminary (D3): David Dor
Strings – primary (D4): Teya van Molendorff
Strings – junior (D5): Tara Vosloo
Strings – intermediate (D6): Laura Kesiak
Strings – advanced (D7): Laura Kesiak
Strings – senior (D8): Nona Lawrence
Sonata for stringed instrument and piano – open (D9): Rhia Thomas
Strings – unaccompanied Bach – open (D10): Nona Lawrence
String Recital – under 14yrs (D11a): Kian Conti
String Recital – under 18yrs (D11b): Kar-Men Ong
Woodwind – preliminary (D14): Charlotte Stedmann
Woodwind – primary (D15): Annalie Morrow
Woodwind – junior (D16): Sanjana Satish
Woodwind – intermediate (D17): Isabelle Tinsley
Woodwind – advanced (D18): Octavia Mackie
Woodwind – senior (D19): Hollie Tibbotts *
Brass – advanced (D24): Horatio Mackie
Brass – senior (D25): Sophie Schofield
Sonata for brass/wind instrument and piano – open (D26): Hollie Tibbotts
Wind/Brass Recital – under 14yrs (D27a): Octavia Mackie
Wind/Brass Recital – under 18yrs (D27b): Darcie Moss-Brown *
Recorder – under 12yrs (D28): Octavia Mackie
Recorder Groups – under 17yrs (D32): Octavia and Isabella Mackie
Guitar – beginners – under 14yrs (D34a): Edward Tinsley
Percussion – solo/multiple – preliminary/elementary (D42): Harris Hamer-Hodges
Percussion – solo/multiple – intermediate/advanced (D43): Theo Kalorkoti
Christmas – any age (D51): Kian Conti
Humour – any age (D52): Jeanne and Theo Kalorkoti *
Concerto – open (D53): Sophie Schofield *
Music Students and Professionals – 18yrs and over (D55): Hollie Tibbotts
Composition – under 17yrs (D56d): Oliver Gibson *
Composition – under 17yrs (D56d): Oliver Gibson *
Family Group Music Making (E5): Laura, Maria and Andrew Kesiak
Instrumental Duo – under 13yrs (E6a): Kaitlin and Rachel Hill
Instrumental Duo – under 13yrs (E6a): Austin and Tara Vosloo
Instrumental Duo and Piano – 15yrs and over (E9): Sophie Schofield and Darcie Moss-Brown
Orchestras/Bands from other organisations – open (E20): XY Strings

* = Outstanding grade awarded

Outstanding grades were also awarded to:
Wind/Brass Recital – under 18yrs (D27b): Sophie Schofield
Concerto – open (D53): Rhia Thomas

Speech and Drama
Verse Speaking – under 8yrs (S1): Michael Grace
Verse Speaking – 9yrs (S3): Sanjana Satish
Verse Speaking – 12-13yrs (S5): Amelia Dinsdale
Humorous Verse Speaking – 8-9yrs (S10a): Reyansh Jaiswal
Humorous Verse Speaking – 12-13yrs (S11a): Amelia Dinsdale
Solo Acting – 7-9yrs (S16a): Leila Brassfield
Solo Acting – 10-11yrs (S16b): Abbie Styles
Solo Acting – 10-11yrs (S16b): Yvie Gregory
Solo Acting – 12-14yrs (S17a): Jessica Maxwell *
Solo Acting – 15-16yrs (S17b): Ellie Humberstone *
Solo Acting – Shakespeare – under 18yrs (S19a): Hannah Wood
Group Drama – 6-9yrs (S29a): STA Year 4 Group 3
Group Drama – 9-14yrs (S29b): Greenfield – The Show Must Go On *
Duologues – 8-10yrs (S30a): Barney Matthews and Hattie Wisbey
Duologues – 10-14yrs (S30b): Livvie MacDonald and Liv Miracco
Public Speaking – 9-11yrs (S31a): Sanika Das *
Musical Theatre Solo – under 8yrs (S35a): Lolly Smith
Musical Theatre Solo – 8-11yrs (S35b): Hattie Wisbey
Musical Theatre Solo – 12-17yrs (S35c): Ellie Humberstone *
Musical Theatre Duet – 8-11yrs (S36b): Bethan Wood and Hattie Wisbey
Musical Theatre Duet – 12-17yrs (S36c): Hannah Wood and Thea Maplethorpe *
Musical Theatre Group – under 8yrs (S37a): SELECT Performing Arts
Musical Theatre Group – 12-17yrs (S37c): SELECT Performing Arts

* = Outstanding grade awarded