Thank you for visiting the Woking Music Festival entries page.

If you have completed your entries and checked out you will shortly receive a confirmation email and invoice. Please check the information in it carefully. You can log back in to correct any errors, but please do this as soon as possible as the facility to do so will be withdrawn the day after the closing date. If the email doesn’t arrive in your inbox, the first thing to do is to check your junk/spam folder. If it is not there, log back in to the entries site to make sure that you did in fact check out. The ”basket” will show as empty if you have. If everything appears to be in order there, please email the section secretary who will investigate.

BACS is our preferred payment method and the account details are given in the confirmation email. We can also accept cheques which should be sent to the section secretary. Please write the WMF number from the invoice on the back and allow time for postage. In either case, please ensure that we have received payment within two days of the closing date.

A timetable of the classes you have entered will be sent to you as soon as the schedule has been drawn up and finalised. This usually takes a couple of weeks from the closing date. If you have not received it a week before the start of the festival, contact the section secretary. Please note that we can only schedule classes when all the entries have been received and so, other than orchestras and choirs, which are on fixed dates in a larger venue, we can’t say before then when any specific class will be held.

If you would like to make a donation towards the costs of running the festival (about £11,000 per year), please add it to your BACS/cheque payment or use the credit card form below. You might also like to consider becoming a Friend of Woking Music Festival. Please click here to see the see the benefits and to complete the form.

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